I Believe.

I believe in her, her affection for me
I believe she knows her importance to me
I’m sure none of the above really exist
But delusional as it is, I choose to be

Because faith and hope drive the world on
Hope that tomorrow will be a new Dawn
That what I want will eventually come true
And I’ll be one of those fools waiting for you

I wish I could tell her
Talk to me
Don’t you see you’re my drug? My ecstacy?
Just hearing your voice makes me feel so free
I’d never thought you’d make me so happy
A joint of weed too, nothing compared to you for me

So excuses I’ll find to see you through
Being your cabbie, being your friend in blue
Make Me wait however much you want
Forever I swear, I’ll keep patience with you


We Always Lose!

She is the tick to my tock
Her heart beat, my body clock
Her voice, soothing and in rhythm
My heart feels caught in a prism

Deter this beating muscle from tripping
Yet as I see her, it keeps flipping
And when she doesn’t reply, it feels like it’s ripping
No, I got to stop this cribbing

Rip her out like a band aid
Out my heart, I must make her fade
It’s just hard moving on
Almost like trying to against the high tide, wade

I’m back at the heart broken stage
Like right back
Where the jerks just have a better aim
While us nice guys stand and wish them best
Forcing a smile, hiding disappointment that she too turned out just like the rest

It’s a medical fact, only the most recent injury hurts
Guess falling for you wasn’t totally useless
My heart will certainly ache for you in bursts
So, maybe being a nice guy isn’t totally fruitless

Another Lesson In Love

She doesn’t talk to me the same way
It’s so different, almost night and day
Every love kills she said
A part of me upon hearing that felt dead

They say that you love her when you let her go
But I never had her, not that I know
Why’d it change this much, still searching for the reason
Maybe fondness erodes away, along with the season

Yet I’ll persevere and be there when she needs
Wait patiently till my messages she reads
With a smile on my face plastered forcefully
Dream of a happy ending dutifully

But I know how it’s going to end
She’ll stop talking, maybe unfriend
And I’ll be back in my cove
Having again learnt a lesson in love

You Shouldn’t Have, I Wouldn’t Have

Talked to me, you shouldn’t have
This addiction to you, I wouldn’t have
Looked so pretty, you shouldn’t have
Better myself, I wouldn’t have
Laughed so sweetly, you shouldn’t have
Lost my heart, I wouldn’t have
Been so good, you shouldn’t have
Fallen in love, I wouldn’t have

But now I search for a rehab
Fallen so hard, I shouldn’t have
Stuck in my shell, like a crab
If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have

In this moment I am stuck
Running out of my luck
Where should I sorrow this tuck
How’d this become another tear filled tale? Fuck!

It’s too late to change the above line
And yes, I’m feeling fine
Could do with a bottle of wine
And complete this small story of mine

All I Can Do Is My Part

Why does love feel like warfare,
Battling to control your emotions.
To have the upper hand in such affair,
To win I’ll probably need some potions

Cuz my heart is bleeding, not blood but this feeling
And my mind unsure, why it’s reeling
I desperately needed someone to do the healing
But you made this heart naive again, where went the years of steeling?

Begging time to rewind to that juncture
Where everything was rosy, happy, even a puncture
I fail to understand what has changed
And all of this has only left me feeling ashamed

Who am I to her, that’s the question
The answer that say, is based on discretion
True they say once zoned, no defection
We don’t get a choice, this ain’t no election

It’s got to be me, I’ve got to be at some fault
Let me get my mind off, open up that malt
Or maybe some vodka along with salt
No don’t you dare think tonight imma halt!

Yet if you called me someday when such need shall arise
I’ll be at your doorstep, that’s no surprise
All I can do is give away my heart
And hope that she does her part

Never Think You Wrong

How could she think I thought she was cold
I know her heart only affection for me hold
And even if I tried, I couldn’t, her image as cold, mould
And I mean each word, or should I write it in bold?

When I think you of you, I smile like tripped up junkies
And yes I end up resembling the happiest of Monkeys
You think I could write that for you?
Trust me girl, I’m not like one of those other flunkies!

That rhyme I struggled with every word
This comes so easy, It’s like effort to the power one third
And just talking to you makes my heart sore like a bird
Crazy about you I am so,
I’ll follow you like a sheep to Shepherd

So never should you fill your mind with doubt
Never anyone will I ever scout
Cuz you’re the only I can think about
A day feels incomplete, you without!

Loser in Love

Don’t build any expectation
It’ll only lead to sorrow and frustration
Try not thinking about it, about her
Cuz you’ll only make a second seem like forever

Just learn to accept defeat
Why so surprised, isn’t it just a repeat?
You’re good till you make them laugh
Once you’re old news, the love is down to half

I’ve learned my lessons earlier though
Let anything ever affect me? No!
I’ll live my life with a forced smile
Maybe love was dead long ago, KO

Still I’ll look back at the great times and do my trademark grin
Resting on the table my weary and travelled chin
Learn to kick out troubles, and from my sorrows win
Because in the end, you’re always alone, whether friend or kin

Yes you made me happier than I thought I could be
We were a great fit, till the fondness was mutual between you and me
But you just feel so distant now
So cold so detached, I wonder why it changed and how

Acceptance and resignation
With a side of sadness and indignation
Maybe I fell too hard and too fast
And you were the wrong destination